Converting Intelligence into Strategy,
And Strategy into Action

As a Corporate Intelligence Consultancy, we exploit the intel to inform how our clients structure transactions and navigate threats more effectively, and leverage our legal advisory capabilities to execute. This delivers our clients a competitive edge.

Rubus Group

Comprises of


We sell information that you need to manage risks or for compliance purposes.


We show you how to exploit intelligence to create your strategy, and we help you put in into action.

Execution: Legal Solutions

Execution relies on a range of skills, but always leans heavily on legal services. We project manage complex assignments.

Execution: Financial Engineering

We are a niche actuarial consultancy. We can help you price and transfer risk.

We act for mid-size companies with an international footprint.

As a hybrid consultancy, we combine the expertise of a corporate intelligence agency with our network of Rubus branded law firms.

We extend our geographical reach as members of RMI Alliance, an East-West Network of Independent Risk Management Advisors.

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